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We give you support – you save your money & time.

Escape Computer is about outsourcing an organization's IT services. We have developed a unique service that streamlines the process for companies acquiring large volumes of IT services. Companies buying large volumes of IT services often lack a general overview of their procurement process and cost structure.

With Escape Computer your company will gain control over the IT services, strengthen their ability in finding the best possible competence, deliver business ratios which improve your companys´competitive edge  and reduce cost.

Escape Computer enables clients to focus on their core business.

Escape Computer is an efficient way of IT services. The solution reduces your cost through streamlined procurement and the Escape Computer implementation requires a minimal investment.

Through our Escape Computer solutions, we take care of management and administration of our suppliers. You will get better control of the procurement of IT services with an overview of - cost, contracts, client specific business ratios, and more accurate forecasting.

Escape Computer is custom tailored for each client. Client specific statistics can be monitored. Examples are: real time ratios of average fees, length of assignments (e.g. contracts expire date), project costs, and clients total investment in IT services. Carrying out supplier evaluations has never been easier.

Several leading companies in segments have recognized the benefits of Escape Computer. Contact us if you want to know more about the service.

We aimed really high.

Escape Computer simplifies IT services. We work hard to make the processes more efficient. Purchasing and managing IT services are challenging tasks. Besides being time-consuming, it requires knowledge and an extensive network of high skilled employees. We quickly find the right competence for our clients while reducing costs.

For our clients we work at several stages, from procurement and management of individual IT assignments to managing the IT procurement of an entire organization


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